The awesomeness of the modern dad!

These days, dads are not what they used to be. Today dads are taking on a whole lot more than their predecessors and they are exhausted! Here’s why.

20th century dads are very different from the dads of the ‘60s. Forget about the guy who came home from work, patted his kids on the head and retired to the couch. Forget about provider of the family, head of the household, ultimate disciplinarian. Today’s dad spends three times the amount of hours every week with his kids as dads did back then. He’s more involved and more nurturing than ever.

It’s an evolution of fatherhood.

It starts from the very beginning where he actually stays in the room during labour. He sits by his partner’s side, holding her hand and enduring her abuse then resists passing out as he cuts the umbilical cord. When they take their tiny bundle home, he shares shifts as she wakes through the night, rocking her back to sleep and singing lullabies even though he has the tone of a deaf walrus. He reads parenting books, strolls the supermarket isles and stops to study the ingredients in baby food before he buys.

He helps around the house, cooks meals and shares cleaning duties. As the children grow, he covers for mum – packs lunches, does the school drop then continues to work where his boss berates him for being late. And when he returns, exhausted, longing for the couch and an ice-cold beer, he taxi’s to & from after school activities and helps with homework.

When they test him to his wits end, gone are the days of easy discipline when a swift clip to the ear would put an to end to it. Today’s dad must summon all the patience in the world limited by means of confiscation and naughty corners.

Today’s dad is complex and multi-tasked: coach to his kid’s footy team, volunteer on the school committee, parent helper in class. He teaches his son how to be a man, how to change a tyre, how to defend himself against bullies in the school yard then rushes to dress wounds when he falls off his bike.

Times have changed.

The heir to the English throne changes nappies. Celebrity dads are tattooing their kids’ names on their backs. There are now over one hundred thousand stay-at-home Australian dads.

We don’t mean to undermine mum’s role (she has her own juggling act to balance). But it doesn’t mean we can’t recognise the awesomeness of the modern dad. It’s a wonderful, liberated and tiring role…

So this is why Dad needs super-spoiling this Father’s Day. And don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed for ideas. Heres a few to ensure he re-coups his energy:

Mens Happy Socks
So much fun! What better way to sure he starts the day off on the right foot!!

The Art of Growing up by John Marsden

Have him put his feet up and delve into a fascinating insight to parenting – and the conundrum of what it means to grow up and be ‘happy’ in the 21st century.

Boxing Bag and Glove set
When all else fails, let him take his frustrations out with this boxing bag & glove set from Rebel. Could be just what the doctor ordered!

Grounding – foot therapy – Endota Spa
Why not introduce him to the world of day spas? This 60min foot treatment isn’t too invasive and sure to have him chilled in no time!

Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
938 positive reviews can’t be wrong! Get him chilling to his fav beats with these wireless noise cancelling headphones!

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We’re more than confident you’ll find something just right for him 🙂

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