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We all know how hard it can be to give gifts to the ones we love - Men, Women, Kids, Teenagers, Baby ... they all give us a little grief over 'not knowing what to buy'! The Gift Register makes it easy. Download our iOS app to find cool, trending gifts for every demographic. Simply tap on 'Quick Lists', select the list you like, and download it to your account. You can then edit and make the list your own, or use it as a guide of what to buy someone else.

Our online gift registry provides the best gifting solution for any special occasion, including Birthdays, Housewarming, Engagement, Bridal showers, Baby showers and Weddings. This service allows you to add any item from anywhere. Guests mark gifts as purchased, so there are no double ups! Start a list here online or via our iOS app… its simple and free!

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I was really stuck for a house-warming gift for the couple who ‘have it all’. They are very picky about their home décor as well as their wines, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I went to the ‘Home section’ in the Gift Shop and found the Orla Kierley diffusers which were perfect!!! I was super pleased, as I have no time to go browsing the internet and the shops. Thank you, The Gift Register!

Business owner

I hate buying presents. 1. You have to shop which I don’t like and 2. You have to know what to buy. The gift register makes it super easy and quick. Job done without the hassle.


My daughter and I had so much fun putting the gift register together! I loved that we could choose any gift from anywhere.
It was especially good for our overseas friends to send us exactly what we wanted from a local site.
Highly recommended!!

Mum of two

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