help tutorials

Overview – The Gift Register

See what The Gift Register is about and how it works. Video shows a sample gift list, and how a guest views that list and interacts with it.

How to start a new list

A demonstration of how to start your first list. A new list is begun, with how to add products – giving some useful tips along the way. This is the most basic way to enter items on a list… Please see ‘Bookmark Button’ and ‘Using a pre-made list’ for some quicker alternatives to list building.

Use the Bookmark Button to create lists FAST!

This video demonstrates how to use our Bookmark Button to create gift lists fast. Visit the ‘Bookmark Button tab’ to carry out the instructions on this video.

How to share a list

Watch this important demonstration to ensure you use the RIGHT URL to successfully share your list with family and friends. Copy URL to a digital invitation to easily allow guests to ‘click through’ and view your list.

How a guest views and uses a list

For those who have received a link to view a gift registry. Step by step instruction of how to successfully interact with the gift registry, select the gift you want to buy, and ‘mark it as purchased’ so other guests don’t go and buy the same item!

Proof of Purchase button explained

When you are viewing any list, and you mark an item as purchased, you will see a grey ‘proof of purchase’ button appear. The main use of this button is to receive a confirmation email that you have selected that item off XYZ’s list. This email accompanied with a purchase receipt of the item should be enough for a charity to provide an official ‘donation receipt’ which is sufficient for making a claim from the tax department.