From August 2021, I have a vision to make The Gift Register a more effective product for all our users.
However to make this happen, I need to cut some dead branches, of what costs too much money and what isn’t effective anymore!

Because here is a fact… running a software as a service such as The Gift Register requires constant maintenance and kind of feels like this:


So right now, to make room for future improvements, there are 2 key changes:  


The iOS app was convenient for our users, however our income stream isn’t substantial enough to keep up with its maintenance. Unfortunately with every iOS upgrade, comes the need to spend thousands and upgrade our app so it complies and works properly.

We intend to replace this with a fully mobile compliant WEB APPLICATION by 2022, so that all the functions of The Gift Register are easily viewed and navigated by any mobile device.  


The bottom line is, we gotta make money right? If not, our service simply cannot continue. The upside is that we plan to be more helpful with your list creations, to ensure you have the best experience with our program. I anticipate this change to implement early September 2021. All existing list creators will be contacted with a special discount to share their list.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.

Please submit any recommendations or feedback via our ‘contact page‘.

Kylie Barrow
Founder/Director, The Gift Register