Get started today! You can sign up via our bookmark button, or simply click the ‘SIGN UP’ button above.

We advise compiling your gift registry no more than 2-3 months prior to your event so your URL links current.

Building lists is done via most quickly via the bookmark button on your computer. Add items to your lists from your web browser in just a few clicks. Click the menu tab ‘Bookmark Button’ for details.

Watch this video to have a general overview of how The Gift Register works. In summary, we are an online facility to create gift registries for special events. Your lists can consist of anything from anywhere, and be shared via a URL link.

When you share your lists they become interactive. Guests can mark gifts as purchased, which makes that gift unavailable on your list. This avoids potential ‘double ups’. If for some reason the guest has a change of mind. They can ‘return’ the gift (making it available on your list again) and then select another.

The actual gift purchase is done separately to The Gift Register. Your guest will follow the URL link or shop specification you provided on the gift listing. When your list finishes sharing, you can save remaining items as a new list. Happy gifting!