Gift4Good is a complimentary users only membership of The Gift Register. Join our private Facebook group for quick access to the best sustainable gifts from local Australian businesses. We have spent hours trawling the net for innovative and sustainable gifts so you don’t have to. It couldn’t be easier to support local and protect our planet whilst building your gift registry. Along with gift guidance, we will be partnering with retailers to offer exclusive discounts, and will there to help with all major gifting occasions on your calendar. So what have you got to lose? Why not save yourself time and money, gift well, and protect our planet.

Why should I join Gift4Good?
For quick access to the most amazing products we can find that support the planet we live in. Our main featured demographics are: Baby, Toddler, Primary, Teens, Male and Female. New mums will save hours finding items that are good for their baby, and the planet. Products they can choose to buy for themselves or put on their gift registry. Soon, we shall have pre-made registry lists these items loaded, ready to go! A huge time saver!!

What type of gifts are you promoting?
We want to feature companies with 2 criteria. One, that they are an Australian owned company, and two, their business activity is making a contribution to either the environment, or to people in need. In short, their business is making the world a better place.

How do I access the private members group?
Simply click the green ‘request access’ button and you will be taken to our private facebook page. You will need to request to join, and provide the email you used to sign up to The Gift Register with.

How many gifts are collated?
We aim to get at least 50-60 products in each category. We will constantly be on the hunt for suppliers and new products, and a result, our bank of recommendations will be rotated and refreshed every month.

So what are you waiting for?
Join us now! See you on the inside.