Using The Gift Register is an exciting opportunity for Charities to utilise an alternative form of donation. People can be unenthused giving cash, as they don’t really see what becomes of it.

However if you have a registry list, anyone can view your list and nominate actual items to purchase for your charity. This gives the donator more satisfaction that they are actually buying your charity something it needs! In your welcome note, nominate an address for the items to be delivered, and you will be on your way.

If claiming for taxation is important, upon signing up, we have opportunity for our users to list extra details relevant for taxation purposes. This way, once they select an item from a charity list, they then click the grey ‘proof of purchase’ button and they will receive an email stating all their details, including the item they purchased, and all the details of the list they purchased it from.

This sheet, accompanied with a receipt is sufficient to authorise a donation tax claim. This can be submitted to the charity for an ‘official donation receipt’.

So lets get you started! You have nothing to loose!! Click the button below to signup and start a private list, and accumulate all the products your charity could benefit from. Make sure you install our bookmark button which will make it much easier to add in your preferred items.

Once done, convert your list to ‘shared’, put a welcome message, and select an end date (this is when the list stops being shared)… We suggest it is worthwhile reviewing your list every 2-3 months. View your list and copy the ‘list URL’ which is yours to share in any way or form!We hope you enjoy this facility, please don’t hesitate to email us with any queries if you have them!