8 Surprising Eco Gifts for Christmas!

In the midst of all the excitement, it’s easy to forget that Christmas is potentially a time of incredible harm to the environment, where we dispose tonnes of packaging into landfill and obtain many things that we just don’t need or want. Why not consider the future of our planet when giving this festive season and what we might do, however small, to help remember the future.

Bamboo is a sustainable fabric that uses far less water than cotton in its production process. If you must buy the traditional socks and undies this Christmas, grab the bamboo alternative by Boody Organic.

Children often receive many gifts at Christmas that they take one glance at before turning their attention to the wrapping paper or cardboard box. Cut out the middleman with this Little Aeroplane for Kids (pictured).  Let them decorate to their hearts content, then hop in and hold on.

You’ve heard the old wives tale about using beer to make your hair shiny, but we think that’s a waste of good beer. Try a Tasmanian Beer Shampoo bar, that’s easy to take travelling, produced in Australia and good for your hair!

If new furniture is required, source a new corner chair from Karton. The Egg Chair is a design dream, and made entirely of cardboard! Let the recipient tailor the colour to suit their living space.

Hand carved from natural mango wood, a set of beautiful Mango Wood Salad Servers will be a gift that can be used for years after the Christmas decorations have been put away. A practical and sustainably sourced gift.

Style and design is important when choosing a gift. You want to know a piece will stand the test of time and continue to be a talking point for years to come. The Twist Table is sure to create conversation, be it at home or the office.

A pet is not just for Christmas, they are a lifetime investment. If you don’t think your friend has what it takes, get them an eco-pet – a camel, dog, deer or butterfly. Paint, build, name and recycle when they’re done.

Don’t forget your real pets! The Ha-Ra Pet Care pack contains a special cleaning solution, a spray bottle and their clever fibre based cleaning glove to ensure your beloved pets are clean and green.

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