6 Ideas To Give Mum The Mother’s Day She Deserves

If you’re truly honest, how much effort do you really put into Mother’s Day?   

Think of all those years your mum cooked for you, cleaned for you, packed your school lunches. Endless hours helping you with homework, being your taxi driver, tidying your room, washing your clothes…

And what does she get to show for it all?

A limp bunch of flowers each Mother’s Day? Some box of chocolates you grab from Coles just before you drop in to see her for afternoon tea? When you think about it, she deserves so much more – something super special to let her know how grateful you are for everything she’s done.

And we’ve put together 6 ideas that will show her just how much you care:

Finish that DIY project dad started but never gets around to finishing.

The water feature she’s always dreamed of, a herb garden or a fresh coat of paint for her drab walls. There will be one thing she’s always wanted for her home or garden that never seems to happen. You can make it happen. Gather your siblings and work like elves to get it finished. If you can, surprise her for Mother’s Day. You can bet she’ll appreciate your hard work and dedication over any gift you buy off the shelf.

A montage of family memories.

Hunt through your photo albums and pick a selection of family memories to create a photo montage, mobile or canvas that mum can hang on her wall. If she enjoys the modern touch, create an online slide show accompanied by one of her favourite songs using Smile Box, or buy her a digital photo frame and display a stream of precious photos she can place on her mantle piece.

A family picnic. 

Keep it a surprise and pick mum’s favourite place – the beach or that park she used to take you to when you were little. Pack a vintage picnic blanket, a wicker basket with her favourite foods and some good wine. Invite the whole family or keep it just the two of you.

One less for the bucket list.

Perhaps there’s something she’s always wanted to do like swim with the dolphins, wine tasting or a French cooking class.  Show her you’ve been listening all these years and make it happen for Mother’s Day. Book her in with dad, or accompany her yourself. Put in with your siblings and make it a gift from you all.

A week without chores.

Every mum dreams of a week with no cooking, washing, cleaning or ironing. Gather the troops and tally up a roster so that she gets the entire week off. Time she never has to catch up on episodes of The Good Wife she keeps missing, or to have a relaxing candlelit bath or read a book. Join together each night to prepare her favourite dinners and let her hear your banter and laughter in the kitchen as you work as a team. When the week is up, you’ll appreciate her all the more as you realise just how much time the house chores eat out of her day.

All it takes is a little time and thought…

It’s easy to get blasé as Mother’s Day rolls in each year, but it doesn’t take much to make your mum feel special. Why give the same old clichéd gifts, when all it takes is a little thought and consideration and you can give her something truly unique. You have a lot to thank her for after all the work she’s put in over the years!

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