‘Sauce up’ your Australia Day!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi! Oi! Oi! can be heard from young and old as they celebrate Australia Day on January 26. Whether it’s a game of beach cricket, or a BBQ while listening to the Triple J Hottest 100, how we commemorate being Aussie is a wonderfully quirky mash up of cork hats, shrimps on the Barbie and pavlova.

If really getting into the sprit of the day is your thing, an Aussie unitard from Costume Box in the national colours will ensure you are remembered for more than your barbeque skills. Only for the brave; wear at your own risk.

Hosting a BBQ is all the more enjoyable when a few decorations suit the day. Aussie flags and balloons are a great way to get the party started, and you’ll find them all in this starter kit. Explore the Costume Box website for many more Aussie themed party favours!

Get that game of beach cricket going with this set that includes two balls – handy for when Dad knocks one for 6 into the ocean.

Lying on the sand more your thing? Quintessential Aussie brand Quiksilver have a range of beach towels available, but this one – named Manly (for Manly beach!) – really says ‘I’m Aussie!’

Not near a beach but still close to water, this pool bar is a rather brilliant (and very Aussie!) invention. When the weather gets warm, jump in the pool and stay for the day, drinks included.

Teach little ones about their country with a fun tour of Australia in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Features all states so no matter where you live, it’ll feel like a piece of home.

And if the notion takes you, and you really want to get in to the Aussie spirit, get into the kitchen and make your own pavlova. Delicious.

Happy Australia Day!!

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