Learn the tricks and make Christmas a treat!

OMG there goes Halloween! Before you know it, its going to be Christmas! So how early do you start preparing, and is it ever too soon? To make the most of the festive season, you need to plan ahead and try not to leave anything to the last minute. Don’t fret… this handy list of clever ideas will help free up your time, and then you’ll be sure to keep your sanity in check this December! Now wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

1. Christmas is a crazy busy time of year. The shopping, the parties, school finishing, trying to get work tasks completed by the end of the year – it’s a wonder we have time to eat, let alone cook. Hello Fresh makes life easier, by delivering produce to your door, in the exact quantities you need to create a delicious and healthy dinner for the whole family.

2. Is sending $2 shop Christmas cards worth your while? You can give a whole lot more with Hallmark Personalised Cards, and manage it all right from where you are sitting! Think clever poems tailored to the recipient, or greetings with images of you and your family. A card not just for Christmas, but something to keep forever.

3. Just because you don’t have time to catch up with everyone at Christmas doesn’t mean you should forget about him or her all together. Flowers for Everyone has a special 2014 Christmas Collection and is an easy way to say I’m thinking of you without having to brave the shops.

4. Work colleagues, teachers and Kris Kringle gifts are often the hardest presents to buy. Find the fun, the quirky, the unusual, the practical, the funny and the very silly at Yellow Octopus. Convenient and clever without leaving the house.

5. Having a party? Hurrah! Write a list and check it twice of all the supplies you’ll need: decorations, disposable cups, plates, cutlery, serviettes, a piñata? Party Supplies Now has everything you’ve thought of, and everything you haven’t. The candle bag lanterns are our favourite! 

6. Chocolate is an anytime of year gift, and nothing says Thank You, Merry Christmas or Happy New Year more than a delicious, creamy cocoa treat. For a twist on a classic, have Edible Blooms deliver a choccy Christmas tree or Star bucket! 

7. Lets not forget the universal gift … Wine!Whether the recipient is into French bubbles or an aged red, Different Drop has a grape to suit all tastes and budgets.  

8. There are so many lovely memories associated with Christmas that you’ll want to remember forever. Baby’s first Christmas; a surprise engagement; Uncle Sam asleep on the couch after lunch; the winning bowler at backyard cricket. Never miss a moment with a compact from Camera Paradise

9. A Christmas table looks most spectacular when its set with crockery and cutlery that really makes an occasion of the meal. Celebrate with family and friends around a table set by Table King, and enjoy the taste and the sight of Christmas lunch with great pops of colour like red glassware, elegant table runners, or a touch of gold in the placemats. 

10. If traditional last minute gifts are a bit passé for your friends and family, find something they will love at Red Balloon. Brilliant for those who need an adrenaline rush, all you need to do is print the voucher. A very Merry Christmas for all.

Christmas can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. With handy tools like the Gift Register, help is at hand. It will make your yearly gifting giving quick and easy, leaving more time to enjoy the season with family and friends.

Wedding Wishes!

Sending out wedding invitations is a time of excitement and possibility! It’s a shame traditional registries don’t offer the same, with many people already in possession of toasters and not wanting to simply ask people for cash. The Gift Register provides a modern alternative, offering you gift suggestions from all over the world, in as many categories as you and your fiancé can dream up.

This can be quite handy since more and more couples are choosing to live together before they wed. Traditional offerings like kettles and wine glasses are no longer the gift de jour. Gone are the good old days when wedding presents were sacred. When Grandma served Christmas dinner on a platter, proudly proclaiming each year that Jack and Shirl had given them that dish before sharing a look with Grandpa as they each remembered that glorious day so many years ago.

Today couples have so many options. You might choose to go with a Wishing Well – otherwise known as a nice way of saying just give us your money, or register for a travel fund, to ask guests for a contribution to your honeymoon. But how often are people today looking at their bank balance, and saying, ‘I’m so glad Tiffany and Nick gave us that $200 towards our trip! It really makes the first thirty minutes of our plane ride special!’

The Gift Register is the contemporary way of keeping weddings personal, offering plenty of scope for different and unique gifts that the special couple would like to receive on the occasion of their wedding – and remember for a lifetime.

Instead of just putting cash toward a travel fund, why not instead purchase an experience to be enjoyed along the way? Champagne for two at the top of the Eiffel Tower perhaps? And you will want to capture those memories on a compact Canon Powershot G16, rather than your iPhone camera.

The happy couple might be dying for some amazing cooking accessories that are not part of the standard kitchen – A fancy programmable slow cooker for those winter nights, or classic cookwear that lasts a lifetime, ideal for dinner parties with your guests long after the wedding day.

Home décor is always a winner, whether it’s stunning cushions in a range of colours, or some groovy table lamps to illuminate a new artwork for the home from an online art provider.

For the thrillseekers, a hot air balloon ride from Red Balloon Days is both romantic and adventurous, or pack your beach bag and head into the waves with some awesome towels.

The Gift Register lets you list anything from anywhere, not restricting you to just one store. So enjoy the journey … and have fun deciding what beautiful items you would like in your lives for years to come!